I still love you guys, #confirmed. Hugs and kisses for you if you read this!
Listening to this
and watching Orange is the New Black

Boris Savelev

Claude Monet  Wisteria (c.1925) oil on canvas 153.6 x 203.5 cm  Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, The Hague, Netherlands
It's 5 am and I keep waking up over and over and I'm so exhausted
- asked by Anonymous

I’m sorry to hear that, sweetheart :( how about you listen to some soft and quiet music? it will help you relax and calm your mind, I promise. You could also read for a bit, your favourite book maybe? that always works for me. Good luck, cutie! ps: if you give up on sleeping, you could always keep talking to me :) xx

You are a lovely person!!!!! You will make many people smile today!!!!!!!! You will see things that will make you smile!!!!! You are worth the whole universe!!!! I love you and I hope this makes your morning!!!!!!!!!
- asked by Anonymous

 Sending all the love in the world for you, you lovely human xxxxxx

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Heyy there pal what are your favourite blogs that you reblog from/most blogs you reblog from because your blog is the shit. Love you, bye
- asked by Anonymous

Hi buddy, thank you so much! So my fave blogs are plantias, blossite, twirlh and cherioz. Hope I helped, love xx

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dont listen to anon hate darling u and ur blog are flawless xx
- asked by fruitybeverages

You are the sweetest! I could get all the anon hate in the world but I’d still be happy because I have such nice, loving and caring followers. I love you all, I really do xxxxx

hey i just wanted to say you're beautiful and such a nice person, i hope you have a fab day! xx
- asked by Anonymous

Aaaaaaawwww you’re so kind! thank you so much, have a wonderful day yourself! xxx

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how are you today?☺️✨
- asked by Anonymous

Really happy and fuzzy and warm on the inside!! I’m restarting my Italian lessons today so I’m really excited whoop whoop :))))) how are you this fine day, sweetie? xxx

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Have you ever received anon hate because I think it is disgusting?
- asked by Anonymous

Yes, I’ve gotten quite a lot of anon hate but bleh, I don’t really mind it anymore. Besides, I mostly blog about freaking plants and cute animals!!!!!!! so if someone has a problem with that I don’t even know anymore

could I get some anons?

- asked by Anonymous

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sugarplum x

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Hi, you gorgeous person! I'm Paula, nice to meet you! I don't have time to finish writing this, so bear with me xxx